Body Waxing

There are a brazilian reasons to get waxed here...

Our Esthetician is an expert in brow shaping and removal of unwanted hair. We have chosen the best quality wax and products to make your experience as painless as possible. Special chosen wax formulas work effectively to remove course as well fine hair from the body. After waxing is completed, special products are chosen to leave your skin silky smooth.

Brows                                                                              Starting at $15

Lips & Brows                                                                 Starting at $25

Lip & Chin                                                                     Starting at $10

Underarms                                                                   Starting at $18

Half Arms                                                                       Starting at $30

Full Arms                                                                        Starting at $45

Bikini Line                                                                      Starting at $30

Half Leg                                                                         Starting at $40

Full Leg Starting                                                           Starting at $60

Back                                                                               Starting  at $60

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