Lashes Galore

Of course they are your lashes... you paid for them

Our Lash technician is certified in all things lashes. We only use the best  vegan products. Our products are all hypoallergenic and state board approved. You will have a relaxing experience while she works to give you lashes you have always wanted.

Classic Lash Extention Set

Starting at $125

A classic set is the most basic technique in lash extensions. In this method, only a single extension is applied to a single natural lash. This usually yields a relatively more natural look. Classic sets are great for people who have a lot of lashes and want to add length

Dramatic Lash Set

Starting at $150

With the dramatic lash our lash tech creates a fan with single individual lashes to apply to one individual lash. This creates volume in the lashes allowing for the "blackout" effect.  

This is perfect for people who have few lashes or have gaps in their lashes. 

Classic Fill In

Two Weeks     $50
Three Weeks   $60
Four Weeks    $70

Cost is based on time spent filling in lashes. 

Dramatic Fill In

Two Weeks     $60

Three Weeks  $70

Four Weeks    $80

Cost based on time spent filling in lashes

Hybrid Fill

Two weeks    $60
Three Weeks $70
Four Weeks  $80

Cost is base on time spent filling in lashes

Lash Lifting

Starting at $50

Lash lifting is a way to eliminate one step in your morning routine. This will give a natural curl that most create with a lash curler. This last up to four weeks due to the regeneration of lashes. 

Lash Tinting

Starting at $30

Do you have long lashes they are just light. Tinting will bring color to your lashes without the need for mascara every day.

Eyebrow tinting

Starting at $30

This works just like eyelash tinting. A great way for you to show off those brows 

Henna Brow

Starting at $50

Brow Lumination Starting at $75